Chlorinox Tablet

Chlorinox Tablet is an innovative, nonreactive tablet that generates chlorine dioxide within minutes when added to water.

These easy-to-use tablets make highly effective sanitizer and disinfectants instantly available which is to be used as a substitute for conventional chlorination. This product is very safe since it only reacts when exposed to water and delivers an effective solution for microbiological and odor removal.

Key Features

  • Broad-spectrum powerful

    capable of killing viral bacteria, protists, fungi, and various spores and spore-forming protozoa

  • Efficient and economical

    effective at a concentration of 0.1 ppm, which can effectively kill bacterial propagules and many pathogenic bacteria

  • It is less affected by temperature

    the sterilization effect at low and high temperatures basically does not change much

  • The PH has a wide range of applications

    can maintain a high sterilization efficiency within the PH2-10 range

  • No need for periodic biocide change

    Microorganisms do not develop resistance to the product

  • Does not form harmful by-products

    such as THMs, Chlorine compounds, and Chlorate

  • Environmentally safe

    does not form ecotoxic and bioaccumulative by-products

  • Effective at low concentrations

  • More effective against viruses than chlorine or ozone

  • Excellent odor neutralizer

Applications of Chlorinox Powder

  • Potable water disinfection
  • Taste and odor control
  • Wastewater disinfection
  • THM control
  • Iron and manganese removal
  • Cooling water microbiological control
  • Process water microbiological control
  • Wastewater disinfection
  • Reverse osmosis membrane fouling control
  • Odor control
  • Iron and manganese removal
  • Phenol oxidation
  • Cyanide destruction
  • THM control
  • Drinking water disinfection
  • Cleaning drinking water distribution systems
  • Carcass spraying
  • Chilled water disinfection
  • Cleaning In Place
  • Used in ice production
  • Disinfection
  • Controls and reduction of biological load
  • Cooling towers
  • Seawater intakes
  • Condensers
  • Distribution pipework
  • Microbiological control of oil wells and bores
  • Sulfide destruction
  • Pipeline and tank cleaning
  • THM control – Iron and manganese removal
  • Wastewater disinfection
  • Removal of H2S and phenolic compounds
  • Disinfection – THM control
  • Odor control (amines, sulfur compounds)
  • Sanitation (Cleaning In Place)
  • Microbiological control ​
  • Algae control
  • Mildew and fungus control
  • Nematode eradication
  • Root growth propagation
  • Disinfection of irrigation water
  • Microbiological control
  • MRSA disinfection
  • Cleaning In Place
  • Hot and cold water system sterilization
  • Legionella control – Algae control
  • Elimination of odors (chloramines)
  • THM control
  • Increased pool aesthetics/swimmer comfort
  • White water slimicide
  • Iron control
  • Bleaching of specialty papers
  • Wastewater disinfection
  • Cooling water microbiological control

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